September 6, 2018

Haunted Dimensions Music Box!

I added in inexpensive hand-crank music box to my New Orleans Square Paper Model Kit, to add a wonderful new dimension!

After much searching, and several disappointments, I found a place that sells "Grim Grinning Ghosts" hand-crank music boxes. "The Vermont Country Store" web site sells the music box mechanism.  Found at ( ). Unfortunately, they only sell them as a packaged pair of music boxes. The other tune being, "Funeral March Of the Marionette" (Hitchcock theme). I asked and they can't substitute for 2 "Grim" boxes. The up side is that the Funeral March might be an appropriate addition to my Psycho House paper model! The mechanism is housed in a small cardboard box and is easily removed, if you wish.  These are cool even if you don't put them in my paper models! I can tell you this info now, since I already bought several more, in case they sell out again 
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