April 2, 2023

Haunted Dimensions Goes To France!

I will be revealing my newest paper model kit on April 22 at the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, France as part of the museum's exhibition, "Barbe a Papa"!
I will be joining artist Cécile di Giovanni and others to discuss the relationships between art, themed attractions, history, legends (and horror). Cécile is using the 1890s story and legend of H.H. Holmes and his Chicago "murder castle", as the backdrop for a "Holmes Fan Fest" that will kick off the discussions. If you are unaware of the H.H. Holmes story, there are tons of websites and videos about it.
Cécile asked me to design a paper model of the "Castle" as it looked during Holmes' time. (The "Castle" was actually a hotel for visitors coming to the 1893 Chicago World Exposition where Holmes supposedly murdered scores of people. It was torn down in the 30s and replaced with a post office)
The model will be part of her exhibit and I will also be hosting a workshop during the event where patrons can build their own.
I WILL be releasing it on Haunted Dimensions as well!
I'll keep you posted when it's ready.

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