January 18, 2005

The Blue Lady

Last week, while visiting San Francisco, we wandered down the coast to Moss Beach on Half Moon Bay. There we had lunch at the infamous Moss Beach Distillery. It is a 20s era building perched on the cliffs above the bay, with a beautiful view, and a resident ghost...The Blue Lady!

We didn't see the ghost, but in the corner of the bar, near the ceiling, is a bust of The Blue Lady, created in the same manner as the library busts, in Disney Haunted Mansions. Her face is actually a negative impression, which the eye sees as a positive 3D bust. So as you move about the room, The Blue Lady's head and eyes will always follow you. She is very well done. with a ghostly blue light illuminating her features. At night she must look pretty spooky! I didn't have my camera, so you'll have to see her for yourself.