February 11, 2010

My Newest Paper Model Project!

It is official. I have begun the long process of designing a new paper model kit.
This one will be based on the Hogwarts castle, currently under construction at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure, for "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter". The working title for my model is "Wizard's Crag", but that may change.
I am using online fan photos as reference.
As usual, I am beginning the process by building a simple model in a 3D application (Lightwave).
It will be a challenge to design. Half of the model will be the cliffs and gully on which the castle sits. I need to make this cliff base interesting, but relatively easy to build, relying on printed textures for most of the effect.

I do not know how big the model will, since it will be limited by the size of letter paper, but I would like it to be at least 12 inches tall.
I will be designing this in my spare time, so I do not know how long the project will take. My mansions took 6 months, and this model will be no less complicated.

So stay tuned, or become a member of my FaceBook page for updates!

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