September 1, 2008

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!

At long last, our Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights icon has revealed herself!
I've come to know Mary very well over the last few months, and believe me, she's one wild chick!
Mary's appearance was preceded by weeks of story development on the Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights web site, which culminated last Wednesday night with the unveiling of our spectacular "Reflections of Fear" animation, that takes you on an infinite journey through Mary's mirror, and the worlds of this year's Horror Nights event!
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I had the great thrill of creating most of the environments, settings, objects and navigation for Dr. Agana's portion of the site. I even supplied some of the doctor's idle doodles that slowly replaced her clinical notes. The state of her office and journals needed to "reflect" her spiral into madness, and I had a great time slowly disheveling her office, breaking things, spreading dust and webs, and finally adding blood and a shattered mirror!
To relive Mary's evolution from Dr. Agana, to Bloody Mary, go to the Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights website, click on the broken clock on the upper right, and enter her personal journal by clicking on the book's title plate.
Begin with the top, left tab "I", and work your way down to watch the good doctor unravel.
To get the latest version of the site, I recommend clearing your browser's cache first.
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To enter "Reflections of Fear" click on "Enter Reflections of Fear", under Attractions.
I am extremely proud of what we created, and I hope you visit the site and the event!