November 15, 2014

Shadow Box Idea

Dimensioneer, James, had his honeymoon at the MK and he purchased some souvenir mansion pins. When he came home he built one of my crypt models and used it as part of a shadowbox display for his collection. Awesome idea!

November 9, 2014

It is a happy fact that many Disney Imagineers are also Dimensioneers who have been following my site for years. Recently I met (via FaceTime) Daniel Joseph, who is one of the effects designers behind the new "Memento Mori" shop at MK. Daniel told me he is a long-time fan of Haunted Dimensions and it was one of his inspirations to become an Imagineer! Here is a very interesting discussion with Daniel, as well as Imagineers Jim Clark and Brian Crosby about their design processes, and the new customized "Spirit Photography" changing portraits that we can now buy there! Thanks, Mousetalgia! Here is the link,

November 3, 2014

10th Tee Campaign relaunched!

A few Dimensioneers missed their opportunity to get the 10th anniversary shirt. Well Teespring has reopened the campaign! If we can get 8 more orders, a new batch of shirts will be made!

Madame Leota Lives!

Artist, Nora See, created this spectacular Madame Leota costume and make up! This is one of the most brilliant and original mansion themed costumes I've seen in a while. Truly amazing and beautifully executed! Her web site is