November 28, 2010

A Return to "Wizard's Crag"

I have picked up where I left off on the "Wizard's Crag" project.
I needed a little inspiration, so I jumped ahead and built a prototype of the great tower, which will sit on the shelf in front of me and taunt me to complete the rest of the model.

November 24, 2010

Connected to the Web

Trent sent me photos of his mansion models which have been displayed
on a shelf for long time. He proudly states that "the spider webs are REAL!"

November 8, 2010

A Very Nice Article About Haunted Dimensions!

Tim Girard wrote a very nice article about Haunted Dimensions and my paper models for

"Ray is a true contributor. In our genre of mediocrity we could use a whole ton more like Ray!
Don't hesitate to check him out! It is well worth your time!"

Wow! Thank you so much, Tim!

Read the article here,

November 6, 2010

Halloween Success!

Our Halloween projects made for a spectacular Halloween evening!
The battery tealights worked wonderfully in the 35 jack-o-lanters, and Sam made every trick or treater approach with caution. Sam was backup up by a fog machines that shot a blast randomly, scaring several of the little scamps to near tears (although not so scared that they didn't continue to the porch to get the candy)! Everyone had a great time and we were told that our house was the best!

November 3, 2010

“So shines a good deed in a weary world”

Two years ago I received an email from April who lives in Toronto. April told me how she built the Phantom Manor Cookie House (based on my free pattern available at Haunted Dimensions), and donated it to a United Way raffle. It was a HUGE success, and raised lots of money! Her story touched me deeply and added a new dimension to my models and projects!

Well, April is back!

"The house was again used as a bucket raffle item and apparently there was quite a war between two of the lawyers here, both of whom were buying a lot of tickets in an attempt to win the house. The lawyer who won the house had originally intended to take it home to her three children but decided instead to donate it to Ronald McDonald House ( It was a double win for your karma this year!"

April was forwarded an email from the Toronto Ronald MacDonald House, along with photos of the kids enjoying her creation! The email said that the cookie house was a huge hit at the Halloween party held for the families and children staying at the house. It was displayed, then happily eaten! The photos, which I am not at liberty to share, brought tears to my eyes. Seeing families and kids who are going through unspeakable trauma, yet smiling and happily exploring a gingerbread house, was overwhelming!

It is a wonderful example of a good deed being handed down from one person to the next, brightening the lives of many.

Thank you so much, April!

“So shines a good deed in a weary world”~ Shakespeare & Willy Wonka