December 17, 2010

First "Wizard's Crag" Prototype!

The first prototype of my "Wizard's Crag"paper model is complete! I am VERY happy with the results! For the cliffs I applied an overlay of crinkled paper with the stone texture printed on it and it looks amazing! The model is 14.5 inches (38cm) wide, 11.5 inches tall (30cm).

Anyone who has followed my progress on past paper model projects knows it is a very long process.
This os the first of several more prototypes that need to be constructed in order to fine tune the details and geometry. Then I must create the construction diagrams and write the instructions, which takes quite a while.
Bottom line...completion will not be before mid winter.

UPDATE: December 22,2013-  I've received many inquiries about the status of this particular blog post.  In more recent posts I explained that this model kit is essentially dead in the water.  Warner Bros will not permit me to release Wizards Crag (as a free download or purchase) without it being an officially licensed product.  Unfortunately I have been unable to find an interested licensee.  Without a license, I risk legal action by the owners of the properties.  Right side
Top view

December 13, 2010

More "Wizard's Crag" Progress

December 13, 2010
This is the first time all of the prototype elements have been brought together. The cliffs will have a printed stone texture but I am also providing a second sheet of "stone" which the builder can crinkle and apply as a very convincing dimensional overlay. You can't see it in this photo but the cliff is "bumpy".

December 9, 2010
Here is a prototype of the lower buildings beneath the astronomy tower.
I have moved on to the cliffs, which are already looking pretty interesting.

December 4, 2010

More "Wizard's Crag" Progress

Here is the prototype of the Great Hall.

Here are all of the prototype structures so far.

December 2, 2010

My Interview

Tim Girard, who wrote a very nice article about Haunted Dimensions for Xomba a couple of weeks ago, asked to interview me as a follow up. Here it is. Thanks, Tim!

The Ray Keim Interview