September 26, 2014


Ten years ago today (September 26, 2004) Haunted Dimensions was unveiled! What started out as a hobby has grown into an online entity with a life of its own. HD has opened doors I never dreamed of, including being a primary catalyst for becoming a theme park entertainment designer for Universal Orlando. Few things are more amazing to me than meeting people in the theme park industry who say, “You’re THAT guy?!” when they discover that I am the creator of Haunted Dimensions!
As always, I want to thank all of you who support my work, and many of you who have been “Dimensioneers” since the early days!
Thank you!
Ray - 9/26/14

September 21, 2014

Haunted Dimensions 10th Anniversary Tee!

Show your support for Haunted Dimensions (by Ray Keim), by celebrating a decade of haunted art and projects in 3D! This T features Ray's haunted illustrations from the past decade. 
Design will be screen printed on
Premium Ringspun Tee ($14.00)
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