July 26, 2009

Phantom Manor from Scratch

Maiggie, from Quebec, sent me photos of her custom Built Phantom Manor that she designed herself!

And Kenny, from Belgium, sent photos of his Bates House, in which he installed red lights. He also built the Phantom Manor model and Entrance Pillar. Kenny writes "Because i'm now a bit more experienced, I cut out the windows and put some red lights in the house.
So it realy gives a look like a Hountend house, especially with some blacklight put on it. I also put a close up from the pillar lamp from the phantom manor in it , so you can see the transaprancy plastic."

July 21, 2009

"Mystic" Attraction Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland released new concept renderings depicting additions to the newest Disney theme park.
The new "mini-lands" will be called "Grizzly Trail", "Toy Story Land" and "Mystic Point". Each rendering is beautiful and exciting, but since we are in the Haunted Dimensions, Mystic Point is of particular interest to us!
Mystic Point and the other lands are set to be developed in phases over the next 5 years.

"In Mystic Manor, home to an eccentric world traveler and adventurer and his collection of exotic international artifacts, strange things are afoot as an enchanted music box releases its magical powers, thanks to a mischievous monkey.
Key Technology and Creative Elements

Inside Mystic Manor, a trackless ride system enables vehicles to move "freely" about the attraction as the story unfolds. Audio-Animatronic figures and special visual and audio effects help tell the story of mystical phenomena.

Within Mystic Point lies a beautiful garden full of relics and mythological figures, where guests discover a hidden world of illusions and mysteries that trick the eye.

Guests can dine at the Adventurer's Club amid a vast collection of unusual artifacts from around the world or purchase exclusive curiosities and collectibles at the Archive Shop. "

Hey, Hong Kong Disneyland,
this could be an AWESOME paper model for your guests!
Hint, hint! :)
Call me!

July 16, 2009

A Manor in Brazil

James, from Brazil, sent me photos of his Phantom Manor model.
James wries, "Hi master Ray, I send you my model of Phantom Manor, directly from Brazil. I never went to Disney, but with these models I fell inside the haunted mansions!"
Thanks, James! You did a beatuful job!

I also want to shout "Ola!" to all the other Haunted Dimensions fans in Brazil! I know there are many!

July 15, 2009

Weird Wonderful Wallpaper!

Monica writes, "The last time I was on Haunted Dimensions, I printed out a stencil design you posted of the wallpaper. I recently burned a stencil of the design, and made my very own HM wallpaper.".
Spectacular job, Monica! Every Mansion fan needs at least one room with this wallpaper!

You can find my demon wallpaper PDF stencil here