October 31, 2010


It's the big night!
As always, I appreciate your continued interest and support of my sites and projects!

Halloween in America is part of our cultural heritage. The traditions and stories of Halloween in the U.S. represent the melting pot of world cultures who have gathered here. Those who shun, fear and misrepresent Halloween, for whatever agenda, are diminishing that "spirit" which binds us.

However, I'm preaching to the choir here! You guys "get it"!
So for all of you in the U.S. and around the world, I hope you all have a spectacular, spooky and safe Halloween!

October 30, 2010


I've been working on several Halloween projects and have also been derelict in my duties of keeping Haunted Dimensions up to date! Sorry about that!

First, take a look at our most recent project.
This is "Sam" from the movie "Trick 'r Treat"! Mrs. K and I built him over the course of the last week. Mrs. K sewed Sam's jammies and cowl, while I supplied the armature, construction and lollipop. BTW - the lollipop is real! i made it from melted orange Lifesaver candies! I wanted to make it out of transparent orange plastic, but couldn't find anything within the amount of time we had, so I made this temporary pop.

I also made a few "Witch Jars". They are an idea I got from Pumpkinrot.com. I start with a regular jar, give it a shot of black spray paint into the bottom (it should create a light gradient of "soot" almost to the lip). Mix white glue, a little bit of acrylic green paint (optional), a few drops of water and and a pinch or two of dirt. Pour it in the bottom of jar (enough to cover the bottom about 1/4 inch). Coat the entire inside, pour out extra and let settle and dry. I prefer to use battery flicker tea lights. A handful of white feathers hides the bulbs and gives it an ethereal, nauseating glow!

I also just completed carving 35 "craft" pumpkin jack-0-lanterns! They will be in the trees and bushes around our house on Halloween night, lit by flickering battery powered tea lights.

October 21, 2010

Update the Blog Archive, OR ELSE!

I took some time to update the Haunted Dimensions Archive blog, to document some of the awesome events I had the good fortune to be part of since April. From being a panelist at the "Entertainment Designer Forum", to working on the opening ceremonies of "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", and the many events in which I participated as a member of the Universal Orlando Entertainment Art & Design Team, it has been a spectacular season. So if you haven't been keeping up with the "News & Notes" section of Haunted Dimensions, here is your chance to see what I've been up to! April, May, June, July and August now have entries.

October 10, 2010

Catching Up

So much to do, and so little time to do it! I really can't complain though. Not many people are as lucky as I to be able to do what I love. I am still cranking out art and props for the Universal Halloween Horror Nights events, and also preparing a few projects to complete for Halloween once I return home to Pennsylvania next week. I also have a small paper model project (related to "The Knoll") that I hope to release soon.

First I would like to recognize a few people who have sent me photos of their Haunted Dimensions projects in recent weeks.

Michael B. sent a photo of their first attempt at a cookie house. It is nothing short of spectacular!

Next, MaryKay, Karen and Kathyrn, who live in Beijing, China, have created several Cookie Manors over the last few years. Here there most recent.

MaryKay writes,
"Since my daughter (now ten years old) always wants to do something different each year, we took your template and made a few tweaks: flipped the porch to the right side; put a gabled addition on the left front; added a second portico-tower on the right side, above the porch. We also raised the roof pieces by 1.5 inches, to make the house taller. For three years your template has been the foundation and inspiration for our family's new tradition of creating a gingerbread haunted mansion. Thank you so much! "
As usual, MaryKay, you and your crew have outdone yourselves!

On Thursday, October 7, I had the opportunity to meet the fans and discuss the behind-the-scenes process of writing and designing our "LegendaryTruth-The Collective", immersive web mystery! I joined TJ Mannarino (Director of Entertainment Art & Design), Vickie Fraser (designer) and Rick Spencer (writer) for an evening of secrets and fun stories we experienced while inventing an online phenomenon. The evening is part of series of special events taking place in the "HHN VIP Lounge" at Cafe La Bamba, at Universal Studios, in which fans of HHN can meet the designers of Halloween Horror Nights and learn about key milestones of the last 20 years of HHN. For more info about the HHN Lounge and the special designer forums (Thursday nights), click here, "Secrets from the Past.
Meeting with LegendaryTruth fans, aka "The Collective", at the HHN VIP LOUNGE at Universal.

With my boss, TJ Mannarino (Director of Entertainment Art & Design)

Revealing the journal of Dr. Mary Agana for the first time!

Thanks to Chip Lundell for the photos! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigchippah/sets/)

October 3, 2010


Sorry for being away so long. As most of you probably know, my spring, summer and early fall are consumed by working in the Art & Design Department for Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights event. Sadly, my season of Universal horror ends next week, but it also frees me to pick up the projects I had to set aside in the spring.
Projects such as "Wizard's Crag", and "The Knoll" will be dusted off and reanimated and hopefully I will be able to create a Halloween treat or two to drop in your bags before Halloween.

While I'm still on the subject of Halloween Horror Nights, I will be speaking along with TJ Mannarino (Art Director for Horror Nights), and several other HHN designers at our HHN VIP Lounge located in La Bamba, in Universal Studios, on Thursday, October 7th. It is part of our weekly forum series, "Secrets from the Past". Fans can see our museum of props and concept art spanning the last 20 years of HHN, and have a chance meet and ask questions of the design staff. We will be speaking about the design process and story writing behind our successful fan mystery "LegendaryTruth: The Collective". VIP Lounge tickets are $9.99 (tax included) and are available at Universal Studios' front gate and Guest Services windows, as well outside the Lounge itself.