December 26, 2013

Happy New Year!

As I begin the 10th year of Haunted Dimensions, I want to thank all
Haunted-dimensioneers for your continued interest and support of my ghostly endeavors!
May 2014 bring health, happiness and prosperity to us all!


December 15, 2013

Christmas Dimensions

The Hitchhiking Ghosts have prepared for a swinging Christmas season!  Feel free to use it as your Facebook cover image for the holidays. Also, check out the front page of Haunted Dimensions.

December 4, 2013

Psycho Sweets!

This made my day! Haunted-Dimensioneer, Brad, enlarged my "Bates House" paper model kit by 180% and used it as a template to create a gingerbread version! (Click photo to enlarge) Fantastic! (Thanks for the donation to Paper Model Purgatory too, Brad!)  All of my free paper models can be found at

November 18, 2013

Bleachy Demon

Today I experimented with a bleach stencil of the demon wallpaper design on a cheap T-shirt. I cut the template out of heavy weight paper and attached it to the shirt with spray mount. I cover exposed areas of the shirt with paper then sprayed bleach over the stencil with a spray bottle in a WELL VENTILATED area. The paper stencil was a one time use, so I ripped it off and hit the shirt with a few more random sprays and spatters, then rinsed and washed.
I used my demon wallpaper template which can be found at
You may want to add connecting strips to some of the areas of the stencil so it doesn't fall into too many pieces.  

October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Dimensioneers! I hope your night is full of crunchy leaves, the smell of roasting Jack-o-lantern lids, sincere yard haunts, and the screams and laughter that go along with this ancient celebration.

October 23, 2013

"Gallows Hill" of the Salem witch trials?

In the late 80s, my wife and I made many Halloween visits to the Boston area and Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is an uncomfortable mix of history, tragedy, and folk lore, that mixes a shameful chapter of American history with pop culture and Halloween fun. The "witch" trials of 1692 were spawned by paranoia, hysteria, prejudice and possibly spite, and many innocent people were executed as a result. I was always curious as to where the hangings took place, but over the centuries, shame and time erased it from the local memory. I came across this web site by Daniel Boudillion who seems to have located the spot. The grim "Gallows Hill" may be in the backyards of several neighborhood homes, unmarked and forgotten behind a Walgreens drugstore. Imagine being told that your backyard was the site of ancient "witch" executions.
Check out Mr Boudillion post.

October 17, 2013

New Liberty Square Entry

A few weeks ago I posted on the Haunted Dimensions Facebook page that the Liberty Square entry gates were being altered. Here are the results. Along with the fresh paint job on the pillar bricks, the entry arches have new, dimensional lettering and are lit from beneath with rows of LEDs. But what's missing? The traditional brass "The Haunted Mansion" name plaques. I only noticed this after looking at the photos. I'm not sure if they were moved to other pillars, or if they were removed. Do any of you know?

October 6, 2013

"For the Most Sincere"

Here is my visualization of The Great Pumpkin, called "For the Most Sincere".  Digital illustration.

August 1, 2013

Gatehouse Model Illustration

For the Gatehouse model illustrations, I started out by creating a blank, white Sketchup model which I then imported to Lightwave in order to position, light and render. Then I brought the white rendering into Photoshop where I apply the textures and text, using the rendering as a shadow guide. I also added a lot of hand-drawn elements, shadows and grunge. I often use this technique rather than creating and rendering a detailed, textured 3D model.

July 29, 2013

Correction to Gatehouse Instructions

Haunted-dimensioneer, Cees, discovered a glitch in my Gatehouse instructions. The window inserts (parts 4 & 5) DO NOT get inserted into the main building (part 1 & 2)! They are are suppose to be attached behind parts 10 and 13, THEN attached to 1 & 2. Thanks for catching this, Cees! Everyone else, sorry for the glitch!  The instructions have been revised.

July 28, 2013

"The Gatehouse" Paper Model Kit - RELEASED!

Return to "The Knoll".  Explore the images and wander deeper into the abandoned estate to discover my newest paper model kit! Be sure to refresh/reset your browser cache to ensure that the new links are updated.  

June 19, 2013

The BLOB's Colonial Theater

Here is a little side project I just completed just for the fun of it. It is a paper model of the Colonial Theater, in Phoenixville, PA, as it looked in the 1958 movie, "The Blob". This version is about 7 inches wide.  The Blob creature was VERY easy to "build"! (Sorry, I am NOT planning on releasing the model in kit form for Haunted Dimensions. At least not any time soon).

May 31, 2013

LegendaryTruth at "Halloween Extreme"

I was excited to be a part of the announcement to kick off this year's interactive Horror Nights game, LegendaryTruth!  Here is a great run-down of our panel discussion and announcements regarding this year's interactive RFID game "LegendaryTruth" for Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights. The announcements took place last weekend at "Halloween Extreme", and included the unveiling of LegendaryTruth merchandise.  (Thanks to "Inside the Magic" for the great post!)

May 24, 2013

Halloween Extreme

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be speaking on a panel at "Halloween Extreme" as part of the Universal Halloween Horror Nights award-winning game design team, for a comprehensive panel discussion examining how interactive experiences are conceived, their results and exciting plans for the future.

May 9, 2013

I'm sure by now most of you have heard this news, but just in case you didn't, Universal finally announced what we have been working on for the last couple of years at Universal Studios, Orlando.  
"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - DIAGON ALLEY"!  I was utilized as a scale model builder during the early design phase of the project.  It will be spectacular!
You can read more about it HERE.
The Master, Mr Harryhausen.

April 29, 2013

FYI-I migrated my Haunted Dimensions "News and Notes" section to here, my blogspot blog. So when you click on "News and Notes" to see the latest, it will open a new window in Blogspot. DO NOT BE ALARMED!" I had to build the original "News" section via HTML, and I found myself too lazy to update it often. Hopefully this will merge the news that my various Haunted Dimensions audiences get.   Now my "News" section will be (almost) as up-to-date as the Haunted Dimensions  Facebook page.  Haunted Dimension by Ray Keim - on Facebook

Small update to "The Knoll".

I added 2 more "trespassing" illustrations to help get you just a little bit closer to "The Knoll". Can you find them? (Remember, use your cursor to explore the illustration. When it changes, click or tap). Here's the link. (If you visited before, refresh you cache so you can load the new links)  

January 26, 2013

A Year in the Life: Backstage to Onstage at Universal Orlando Resort®

Here is the 8'x4' model I designed and built for Universal's newest exhibit at the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando. The model is projection mapped with an animated Universal Mardi Gras parade passing by (which I also created). The exhibit opens today (January 26th, 2013) and will run for a full year. More info at

January 8, 2013

The First "Knoll" Model Released!

The first paper model from my series, "The Knoll - A Trespasser at Reeves Hall", has been released!
Can you find it? 
(It's not difficult).