March 2, 2009

The Question of Scale

I am always asked about the scale of my models, and how to convert them to other popular, standard modeling scales. Well, Donald, at "" posted this tidbit of information that might be helpful to those of you who want to convert my 1/66 scale mansions (Bates, Liberty Square, New Orleans Square and Phantom Manor) to HO, O and N scale for train set ups.

Donald writes,
"About Scale/Printing:
The Bates House is in 1/66 scale so to convert it to your scale divide the scale number by the scale you want to model to get a percentage enlargement or reduction value.

For example, to go to HO (1/87) scale :
66/87 = 0.7586 which is approximately 75% reduction. So when you are ready to print, check your printer options where you can type in a percentage of reduction or scaling. Punch in 75 and you will have an approximate HO scale drawing ready to print and cut.

So, if you want to go to say O (1/48) scale:
66/48 = 1.375 which is approximately 137% enlargement.

For N scale: 66/160 = 0.412 which is around 40% reduction.

So, in summary, the Plan Conversion Formula Factor is:

(Scale of drawing plan / Scale you want to model) X 100

Reduce plan by the above factor if less than 100 or Enlarge if more than 100."

Thanks again, ""!