April 29, 2013

FYI-I migrated my Haunted Dimensions "News and Notes" section to here, my blogspot blog. So when you click on "News and Notes" to see the latest, it will open a new window in Blogspot. DO NOT BE ALARMED!" I had to build the original "News" section via HTML, and I found myself too lazy to update it often. Hopefully this will merge the news that my various Haunted Dimensions audiences get.   Now my "News" section will be (almost) as up-to-date as the Haunted Dimensions  Facebook page.  Haunted Dimension by Ray Keim - on Facebook

Small update to "The Knoll".

I added 2 more "trespassing" illustrations to help get you just a little bit closer to "The Knoll". Can you find them? (Remember, use your cursor to explore the illustration. When it changes, click or tap). Here's the link. (If you visited before, refresh you cache so you can load the new links)  http://www.the-knoll.raykeim.com/