April 10, 2008

Universal Monsters, Haunted Mansions and Friends

Tim (on the left), who works at Universal, Hollywood, built a beautiful version on my Liberty Square haunted mansion model, complete with lights and sound effects
(I mentioned it in an earlier post March 14th).
Tim built it as a birthday present for his pal, Daniel Roebuck. You might recognize Daniel (on the right) from his many movie and TV appearances over the years. You can see all of his credits here.
Daniel writes about the model - "It’s just slightly smaller then the real thing so finding a place for it has been difficult. I finally decided to give it Grace’s room so I sent her to a CONVENT!"
Click image to enlarge
Tim writes, "My superbly talented neighbor and friend (who does animatronic work for Disney theme parks) helped me coordinate the lights with a one-minute sound chip placed in the house.
Here’s the basic show sequence:

Wind blowing and lone dog howling heard
Loud thunderclap accompanied by mini strobe reflecting
off the house
Haunted Mansion organ music begins and continues thru male voiceover
LEDs in the greenhouse pulsate to the voiceover, giving the impression the
disembodied voice is coming from ’something’ in the greenhouse!
Voiceover (deep male voice):
"Welcome foolish mortals to the Haunted Mansion. (chuckle)
I am your host, your GHOST host. There’s no turning back now.
-brief silence-
Heartbeat sound heard accompanied by the red LED pulsating in the tower windows
Female voice scream!
Soft female voice:
"Hurry back.......hurry baaaaack....."
End of show-"

Hey, Tim, I want MY mansion to that now! :)

Daniel and Tim are also HUGE fans of horror, and in particular, the classic Monsters of Universal. They are avid collectors of anything monster related, and their "Mons ter Rooms" are amazing!
After corresponding with Tim and Daniel for a while, they led me to a Universal Monster fan site "Universal Monster Army" which is great fun. There is even a section where members post photos of their "Monster Rooms" including Tim and Daniel. It is wonderful to see that somewhere the "classics" are still getting the attention they deserve!