August 25, 2012

Two Million!

Haunted Dimensions reached an amazing milestone of recording over Two Million visits!
In that time there have been over One Million downloads of my paper model kits. I have heard from thousands of people who have been inspired and encouraged by successfully completing the projects, which has been very humbling and wonderful. 
Thanks to all the Haunted-Dimensioneers who have made my site and projects such a huge success!

August 11, 2012

Skeleton Dance Shirt!

SCORE!!! I snagged the last Disney "Skeleton Dance" T-shirt on the rack at my local Target. Didn't think I would actually find one, and nothing short of something so cool would even get me in a Target (especially on a Saturday in Orlando)! It's part of the "Disney Artist Collection at Target". Thanks for the heads-up, Inside the Magic! Made my day!
It only cost $12.99 but I found one on Ebay for $50!
Keep in mind that this particular shirt design has been deliberately "distressed", meaning that the cuffs and collar have small holes snipped in them, giving it a slightly tattered appearance.