August 1, 2011

It has been a busy summer!

Sorry for the lack of posts! I am in the middle of my yeary Halloween Horror Nights season here in Orlando. Besides HHN, I have several other cool Halloween and theme park projects keeping me busy. 

"So what's up with Wizard's Crag?! We've been waiting (somewhat) patiently for months!"
Here's the deal.
Let's just say that certain individuals have seen the model and they might be interested in granting it a more "official" status. It may be a long shot, but certainly worth pursuing since this is the first time one of my models has received such attention! Unfortunately, it also means that a release may not be taking place in the near future. 
Sorry for keeping you guys hanging on for so long (your support is what keeps me going) but this is a very exciting possibility!
I won't be free to discuss the details of what might be taking place, but I will fill you in when I can.

Thanks to your continued support over the years and the positive comments to my projects (on my blog), you have shown that my work is valued and desired!
Keep your fingers crossed!

For years now, the employees of the Clayton County Library, in Forest Park Georgia, have created Halloween dioramas featuring my paper models. Stephen, who is the lead builder, realized that he never sent a photo of last year's display. Here it is! This scene makes me smile! What a wonderful job from what I'm sure is a wonderful library!