October 10, 2005

"STONES" - New England Tombstone Photos

I'm back from the haunted dimensions of New England.
Just in case you don't have a 17th century New England cemetery in your neighborhood, I created a new section in "Other Haunted Dimensions", called

Here you will find my eerie, but interesting collection of tombstone, and cemetery photos, from some of the spookiest graveyards in Boston, Salem, and Marblehead. Hopefully it will get you in the Halloween spirit a couple of week early! 

October 2, 2005

A Tour of the "Haunted" Penitentiary

I added the first addition to the "Other Haunted Dimensions" section since last December!

This is a little photo log I put together, documenting the sights, and experiences I had while touring the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Turn down the lights, and turn up your speakers. And I promise, this is not one of those sites which flash a scary face on your screen, accompanied by a blood curdling scream! It is just a series of my photos, accompanied by my own mix of sound effects.