October 27, 2006

Halloween Horror Nights Paper Model Kits...by me!

I usually try to offer some sort of Halloween goodies at this time of year, but I've been very busy with "other" projects lately, which have taken all of my Halloween project time.
Univeral Studios, Orlando asked me to create a couple of paper model versions of their Halloween Horror Nights haunted house facades, which will be offered on the HHN site.
Well, the first kit has been released! It is "ScreamHouse: Resurrection".

"Through blood, bone and ash, evil has risen again.
Abandoned for years, this gothic mortuary contains the eternally 
tormented souls of the Caretaker’s victims. Aided by a
cultish group of Followers, the Caretaker assures
that you will enter on your own two feet,
but leave sealed in a casket."

Click image to enlarge

This is a relatively simple model to build, and it is only 3 inches deep, so it will fit nicely on a shelf or mantle.

Photo of actual "ScreamHouse" facade.

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