February 13, 2007

My Universal "Psychoscareapy" Model

I am in the process of buidling all of my paper models for my own collection. Over the past year I have constructed multiple versions of all of the models, but ended up giving them all away, leaving my shelves empty! I am taking this opportunity to modify and enhance the models with custom parts and a little bit of miniature landscaping.
Here is one of the models I designed for Universal, Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights web site. It is the facade of one of the sound-stage haunted houses "Psychoscareapy"
depicting the "Shadybrook" asylum.

I used reindeer moss and flat moss (found in craft and hobby stores) to simulate the overgrown vegetation, and I stuck in a few shrub twigs to simulate dead trees.

I recreated the chainlink gate using some stretched contour mesh (used in clay sculpting) and toothpicks. I gave the whole gate a dry brushing of black and gold acrylic paint, to make it look rusty.

The Psychoscareapy and ScreamHouse models are no longer available for download from the Universal site. If you you want them, you will find them HERE at paper Model Purgatory.

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