December 11, 2007

Back Home for the Holidays

My most recent gig at Universal is over, and I'm back in chill y Pennsylvania.
Watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" come to life at Universal's Islands of Adventure was a priceless experience! It is interesting to note that while I spent the Spring and Summer designing the horror of the Universal Halloween Horror Nights web site, I was literally back to back with the brilliant artist who was helping to design this stunning, beautiful set for the Grinch show.

The show is sweet, funny and truly heart warming!
Every show left me with misty eyes, even in rehearsals. 
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I also had a chance to meet the Simpson's before their arrival in this year's Macy's Christmas Parade at Universal Studios. I created some of the graphics on their parade RV.
Here they are arriving for the Macy's Parade, in their RV. 
I created the graphics used on the donut boxes and Duff Beer cans on the roof of the RV.

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