March 21, 2005

The Map Police

I LOVE amusement park maps! I love looking at them, making them, and following them.
And I guess it is no secret that I am a tad bit obsessive about haunted mansion details.
Well, while examining an old map of the WDW Magic Kingdom, I spotted THIS!
Click image to enlarge!
Look what they did to my mansion! They turned the conservatory into a front yard gazebo, instead of attaching it to the East side facade where it belongs! And what's up with those steps leading to the terrace?! Eve rything is mixed up! Somebody call the authorities!
Yes, I'm kidding. Usually the artists who make these things have never visited the parks they map, and the map itself is only meant to represent the layout of the park. (otherwise each of our maps would need to be life sized! I wonder how small one could fold a 100 acre map?)
I just thought this was an interesting Observation.

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