June 5, 2010

The Phantom Manor in 3D

Haunted Dimensions had its start back in 2004 as a showcase for my 3D illustrations of
the mansions, and later as a place to offer my free paper models. Liberty Square was my first illustration and model project, naturally followed by New Orleans Square a year later. My process was to build completely detailed 3D Lightwave models (for the illustrations) and then deconstruct the models into less detailed boxes for their paper model versions. Haunted Dimensions had these two mansion illustrations as alternating front page images for several years.
Then, in 2008, I finally decided to create the Phantom Manor Paper Model. However, unlike the previous two mansions, I did not create a detailed Lightwave model first, but went directly to the simple paper model version. Instead of creating a 3D illustration of the Phantom Manor for my front page, I used a Photoshop manipulated photo of the Manor (taken by long time HD fan, Rita).
I am finally in the process of completing a 3D Lightwave model of the Manor which will be used as a new front page illustration!
Hopefully I will complete the new illustrations in the coming weeks and incorporate them into the front page.
Here is a rough rendering.

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  1. One word...spectacular! I've been a fan of your work for years and it never ceases to dazzle!