January 2, 2011

A New Year in the Dimensions!

2010 was a great year for me and Haunted Dimensions! While being a freelance designer in the entertainment field can be sporadic, this past year was full of wonderful experiences and challenges!
It looks like the winter months will offer no substantial paying work for me, which is common, so I hope to use my time to restart a few projects that were put on hold during my peak work season.
I want to thank you, my fellow Minions, for your constant support and interest!
I wish everyone a happy, prosperous new year!

I added two new links in the LINKS section.

One is for "Horizons: Resurrected", where designer Chris Wallace ("technologist, entreprenuer, and co-founder of The SuperGroup"), is recreating the lost EPCOT attraction "Horizons" as a virtual 3D model, with the ultimate goal of recreating the entire attraction as an interactive experience!

I also added a link to Googles FREE 3D software, SketchUp. I am often asked what 3D software they should learn and my answer is "SketchUp". It is quickly becoming an industry standard!

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