October 8, 2011

Disney Mini Figures Collector Packs

While at the Disney Studios in Orlando, I came across a bin of Disney Mini Figure Collector Packs. The packs contain mini characters and iconic park attractions, each no bigger than your thumb and there are several different collections you can choose from and each bag contains 3 figures. However, you can't see what's in each pack. It is a grab bag and you just hope you get the figures you want. One of the collections offered the possibility of finding a mini New Orleans haunted mansion and a Tower of Terror.
Fortunately, these figures have very distinct, boxy shapes. After a minute or so of package squeezing (while a 4 year old boy watched with fascination, while repeating to me earnestly, "You onwee get fwee toys in a pack!"), I made my choices. I bought 2 packs. Here was my reward.

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