November 2, 2011

A Few Words About "Wizard's Crag"

Unlike my past paper model kits, this one has attracted the attention of Universal and Warner Brothers. This attention could mean one of two things. It could be purchased and merchandised by these companies or, due to its discovery by these companies, end up becoming a liability to me and thrown on the scrap heap. Either way it looks like this one will not become a Haunted Dimensions free download. Very discouraging and frustrating for me (and the thousands of fans who want one)!!
I will keep you updated if the situation changes.


  1. Hi Ray,Sorry to hear about the issues surrounding the Wizard's Craig model. I hope it works out to your advantage - it looks like a superb pice of craftsmanship!

  2. I was looking forward to doing this one.

  3. Man I can´t believe that this awesome work will not get the deserved spotlight shame on Universal and Warner Brothers, thay already have so much money...Greed is a bitch