January 24, 2009

Archiving News & Notes to blogger.com!

I just completed the process of transferring this "blog" (News & Notes) from Haunted Dimensions. 
It became tedious to manage this page in Dreamweaver since I had no automatic archiving capability, and it would require that I build a new web page every time I needed more space. In order to postpone creating new web pages for archives (due to my own laziness), I would simply delete most of my posts after a month or two. Of course, that is the opposite of archiving!

I will continue to post all new posts on the Haunted Dimensions News & Notes page as usual,
but instead of deleting old posts, I will transfer them here.
Haunteddimensions.blogspot.com will be used as the new archive .

I'm still in the process of learning how it all works, and I'm sure I'll be hacking it as soon as know how. Meanwhile, stay tuned.

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