February 16, 2009

The Bates House Paper Model Kit: Released!

Ironically, designing a PSYCHO HOUSE helped me keep my own sanity during these long months of unemployment!
If you have constructed any of my other mansion models, then this one is comparatively easy.
If you never constructed my other mansion models, and want to, this model would be good practice!
I am very happy with it! I hope you will be too!

And please help me out with a donation of a buck or two. :)

Please report any downloading (or other) problems. Since this is a new model, with new web pages it is liable to be buggy at first.


  1. I just found your site, its great. I can't wait to make my son the haunted house cake.


  2. This is on my wish list for next year! Brilliant! Don't think I can manage this year with three little ones with their own agenda- but thank you for sharing!